Platinum Palladium Prints

Since pure platinum, like gold, is so stable and permanent, the platinum print is one of the most archival of any image made on paper. A well-made platinum print can last for centuries, as long as the fine paper that carries it.

Beyond their permanence, platinum prints also have a unique appearance. They are amazingly luminous, and even appear to be three dimensional. This results from the enormous tonal scale composing the platinum image, by far the most expanded tonal range of any printed medium. This old process of hand coating platinum metals onto fine art paper creates the most enduring and luminous photographs.

Platinum prints must be made from full sized, perfect photographic negatives, contact printed on specially prepared hand-coated paper. The photographer must prepare the platinum printing paper, selecting among of the finest and purest papers in the world. The beautiful, subliminal qualities of the paper become intrinsic with the image.

The negative is placed in direct contact with the coated paper. The exposure requires hundreds of times more energy than a silver print, as special ultraviolet lights must be used. This light reduces the platinum salt to a darker, pure metallic state. The final image is formed out of sub-microscopic crystals of pure platinum metals, embedded in the paper fibre.