Images of a Proud People

Welcome to the world of the Iroquois, the Six Nations people who for centuries have lived a rich and proud history among the lakes, mountains, rivers, and cities of southern Ontario, Quebec, and the American northeast.

This innovative series of photographic portraits bring that history to life, showing the Iroquois as they live today through the filter of their resilient traditions. With expertly captured images of faithkeepers, jingle dancers, chiefs, clan mothers, children, lacrosse champions, potters, teachers, award winning photographer Myron Zabol offers a unique view of the "People of the Longhouse" and their time-honored way of expressing spirituality through dress and decoration with their beliefs rooted in Nature and the ancient past.

The Book

The book, People of the Dancing Sky is available by mail order from the photographer's studio. Signed or personalized copies are available upon request. Also available, in a limited edition of 30, a signed silver bromide print and book in a clamshell box. For information regarding prices and availability please contact Myron Zabol.